Monday, 19 October 2009

Big Draw 'Drawn In' with Age Concern Durham

I took part in a short big draw event with an art group (in association with Age con Durham). Essentially what we did was I drew a series of caricatures of everyone in the class (all 17 o.o") and they spent the afternoon decorating the images. Surprisingly they all showed up as well. Each figure was sitting at a desk (symbolising being brought together) infront of a blank sheet. As well as colouring/decorating the picture they were invited to draw/paint etc something about themselves in the blank space. Remember the event was only 2 hours so it was a small time scale but it was definately fun and they've asked me to take over from their current art teacher (maybe o.o) because they all enjoyed it so much. Some of the carictures were really poor likenesses proving I cannot draw life like x.x Luckily most people weren't too offended!

I have more pictures but its too late to blog.

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