Thursday, 24 September 2009

Observer Entry (in the process of being coloured...thanks royal mail strikes!)

This is my observer entry (again probably far from what they'd want...though its always hard to tell...) I was inspired by the 1950s and the cold war and intend to colour it appropriately to this.

New Tindal Street Press Site (featuring me!)

Tindal Street

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Since Charlie Hadn't Come

This is the finished piece I did for Tindal Street Press as an accompaniment for their up and coming anthology launch, Roads Ahead and as part of a celebration for their 10th aniversary. There are a few changes I might like to make but this is the longest graphic short I've ever done (mine average 4 pages usually) so I think it went well considering!

I'm not dead yet

I am still alive...and I have been doing lots of works! I just have this problem that my scanner is in the centre of my floor so in order to actually use it I have to sprawl in a small corner and sit on the floor...It's totally not useful. Maybe I should think of moving my xbox and using that space for this more important thing o.o!