Sunday, 15 March 2009


*Learn how to digitally compose and colour to professional standard...FAST!
*Get some commissions! Preferably ones with money involved but as I'm already poor doing work for no particular reason any will do.
*Decide what to do for my FMP and get the hell on with it! Consider exhibition aspect, promotion and how employable it might make me (ie. don't do comics >.>)
*Set up website within the next month.
*Contacts, Contacts, CONTACTS!
*Sort out Portfolio!!
*I'm sure there were more but I can't remember...

Spot Illustrations

Here are a few practice runs at doing spot illustration. The poems are from a penguin poetry anthology called monsters that had really shockingly poor spot illustrations (yet poems by big names) so it seemed like a good place to start. They were all done in one night because I'm trying to teach myself quick turn around (which is important when it comes to spot illustrations). My favourite is probably the dragon of staines because it intergrates with the text the best...I still need to work on it I think but I'm getting bored of black and white!

12+ scene

We were challenged to do a scene that included more than 12 people (I think not counting the silohuettes on the platform this has 14). My first attempt was pretty poor and lacked a background so I tried again...I do like this although I admit I got carried away with the colour palette in photoshop...I think I need to learn some self restraint.

Postcard Ideas

Originally I'd intended the monsters in the first two to be die cut esque postcards, as in they would be the shape of the monster rather than typical postcard shape...Its still plausible...I just got into the barely legible heartshaped font >.> The second was meant to be more interactive, where you could cut out king kong and faye wrays characters and put them on the building but I think it needs rethinking since the scene would be destroyed by cutting the characters out!


This is one of the promotional ideas I'm working on...Essentially I'd cut them all out for my final show, my details would be on the back and people would be able to wear them...Now if only I had some idea what I was doing for the final show O.o!
I'm gonna do several more and then pick my favourites from there...These were meant to be the abominable snowman (first one) and >.>...It was going to be dracula originally but I was into my green when I was doing it.

Welcome to Jess Watsons new blog!

Err...yeh...just look at the post title >.>!