Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sewing Illustration

This was one of the things I tried out when I was at home (where we have a sewing machine) and really enjoyed it...I'd love to continue but sadly the machine is there...and not here...and I just bought a new laptop so I have no money forever now o.o" They're up in the order I did them (the first one being a practice the following 3 being based on fairytales/my last comic strip)


  1. these are lovely! maybe you could do a set of these as promotional media for very very special people (as I'm assuming they take ages to do!)

  2. Actually they didn't take that long! the woodsman took me the longest because i kept breaking the machine...about an hour...the others were only about 20 mins....Because its freehand its pretty much like drawing with a pen! I really enjoyed doing them too...just wish the machine wasn't in hartlepool o.o!